HumAIn the book

HUMAIN the book

Are you ready to work with Artificial Intelligence ?

Discover Nicolas Aidoud's book on Artificial Intelligence

HumAin the book

You don’t have a PhD in computer science or maths, but you want to know about Artificial Intelligence.

This book merges fact and predictions about AI with eye-catching visuals to paint the future of work. Featured is a company called Humain Inc., which has stayed ahead of changing times to realise a harmonious and productive relationship between humans and AI.

This book merges fact and predictions about AI with eye-catching visuals to paint the future of work
Humain Inc. has developed a new organisational concept

Humain Inc. has developed a new organisational concept: Neuron Org. In this model, humans have reached their greatest potential in the workplace and job satisfaction is at its highest.
Come for a day in the life of Humain Inc. and see if you are ready to work with Artificial Intelligence.

“AI topics should be accessible to everyone as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already impacting us all.

With that in mind, I have created a new, short format for content that fuses comic book-style visuals with points of view on AI that can be read in an hour or so. Less is more also for books

I hope this ebook will trigger good discussions at the office coffee machine… or at the Artificial Intelligence machine.”

Nicolas Aidoud
  • Hope trumps fear when humans work with AI machines
    note - 15 June 2019

    HUMAIN presents a future where humans and artificial intelligence machines work collaboratively in purpose driven businesses.
    As humans, we must continue to learn so that we can best direct our machines and co-create a future … one where we can be even more human.
    Creativity, storytelling and empathy are all to be highly valued in a world where business acumen and algorithms are directed towards a defined purpose; in the process our collective intelligence grows.
    With its clever and humorous illustrations and approx. 400-word chapters, HUMAIN is easy to read and digest on your daily commute. Hope trumps fear if we are well prepared for the future we share with machines.

    Amazon Customer
  • An intelligent solution for how to work with AI
    note - 7 June 2019

    A great practical guide for anyone interested in how AI will affect the way we work in the future.
    Nicolas provides a pragmatic solution for business leaders on how to adapt to working with AI.”


Nicolas Aidoud

Portrait Nicolas Aidoud
The author

With an insatiable passion for maths and technology combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, Nicolas Aidoud is positive and pragmatic about the future impact of artificial intelligence.
He has a PhD in Mathematics (applied to finance and marketing) from the University of Paris IX, Dauphine and has held leadership roles as CEO of major technology, investment and media companies across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
Most recently, as CEO of Capgemini (Australia & New Zealand), and before that as CEO and President of Prosodie-Capgeminiís Front Office Cloud Solution in Europe, he has overseen large digital transformations.

As Managing Director of Carat France (Dentsu Aegis Network) he managed media investment and digital services for the biggest media agency in Europe. Considering the impact of AI on businesses and individuals requires a global vision, one that is unique in examining the potential and pitfalls from the angles of multiple stakeholders.
Artificial Intelligence could be a poison for humans or a cure to eliminate all the “outs”: burnouts, bore-outs and brownouts”, he says.
Nicolas’ passion is to make this an accessible conversation for all – from senior executives to employees and students – to prepare our future of work.


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